B E S T  W I N E   D E S T I N A T I O N S

Searching for your next travel spot?
Travelling is amazing. But what about travelling and discovering new wines in the same place?
Perfect plan, isn’t it? Are you ready? Let’s go!

Douro Valley, Portugal

Located in the north of Portugal the Douro is a splendid Valley
crossedby a river carrying the same name.

Beautiful view of the Douro

N°1 Get high

Reaching altitudes just under 1000m, this region of Portugal offers you beautiful points of view on the whole Douro Valley. Get high and check out the infinite vineyards around you.

Sky picture Douro
Sky picture Douro
Douro view with wine

N°2 Actually taste Douro wines

Being surrounded by vineyards actually means visiting local producer’s cellars and enjoying good wine with a nice view over the Valley. The Douro wines are part of the most renowned Portuguese wines worldwide and not without reason!
And Wine everywhere = Good Holidays.

N°3 Get refreshed

Douro is also well known for its river cruises. Get in one of the cosy boats and take a breath of fresh air (you need it after all the wine tastings!). 

Boat image Douro
City Tour in Vila Real

N°4 Take a city tour in Vila Real

Don’t miss out on a visit to the pretty town of Vila Real. The old architecture and typical monuments will take you back to the roots of Portugal. And this is also your best chance to taste the local cuisine (with some more wine perhaps…).

Ain’t it pretty?

Douro view
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Amazing views

One of the most mountainous region of Portugal and a land of beautiful altitude landscapes. 

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Lots of wine 

Douro wines are known to be unfortified, in both red and white colour. 

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Culturally also, Douro promise historic fortresses, medieval stone houses, and special vineyards to visit and enrich your experiences. Not to mention to discover Portuguese food...