Searching for your next travel spot?

Travelling is amazing. But what about travelling and discovering new wines in the same place?
Perfect plan, isn’t it? Are you ready? Let’s go!

Niederösterreich, Austria

This beautiful region of low Austria is crossed by the wonderful Danube river and is marked by a rather mountainous relief, which promises perfect landscapes. 

(Pssst.... Among other incredible things, Niederösterreich is also one of
the main wine region of Austria!

Beautiful view of the Douro

This is time for hiking shoes.

Sky picture Douro
Sky picture Douro

N°1 Play the
wine tourist

For once, let's really play the tourist! The vineyards are crossed by pretty wine roads that you can follow with both bikes or with your 4x4 (only if you want to be really cool). 

N°2 And taste
austrian wines

Grüner Veltiner (light bodied white) and Zweigelt (medium bodied red) everywhere !!!

Ok, I must admit you don't obviously have to wear the traditional costume
but ain't it exciting ?

Douro view with wine
Douro view with wine

N°3 Be wild

Austria = mountains + nature = forest + rivers = wilderness = hiking + any fascinating outdoor activity !

The equation is that simple

Boat image Douro
Boat image Douro

N°4 Enjoy the 
serene Danube

We all love rivers and the serenity they provide. The Danube in particular is one of those long European rivers full of history and also, secondarily, of fish. 

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Austria is the land of dry white wines. Varieties such as Riesling and Grüner Veltiner are the flagships of this regions, but note that you can also find elegant red wines. 

icon image

Nature and wilderness

Even though this is not your cup of tea, Austria is the perfect place for outdoor challenges.

icon image

Cultural heritage

We forgot to mention earlier but Austria has also a surprising architecture heritage.
Castles, monuments, etc... Let's visit !

Auf Wiedersehen !