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Muscadet, France

Muscadet, France

The Muscadet. A region that remains under the radar and about which many misunderstand.

No, Muscadet has nothing to do with the very aromatic and often sweet Muscat grape.

And no, even though the only grape planted here is called the Melon de Bourgogne (Melon Blanc), there is absolutely no link between the rich Bourgogne-Chardonnays and the elegant Muscadets.
Perhaps it is because of this confusion, but the Muscadet region has suffered for decades. If people already knew the region, they quickly dismissed it as only suitable for cheap white slobber wine. Many winegrowers had a hard time and closed their books, the vineyards themselves were now almost the cheapest in France.

Bad reputation, interesting grape, and clearly time for a renouveau: enough reasons for us to dedicate an Our Daily Bottle theme to it.

“We may only have one grape, but we find big differences between the terroirs. I want to introduce this to everyone, and I have built my range around it.”

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