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Santé by Isabeau Sas - Our Daily Bottle
Santé by Isabeau Sas - Our Daily Bottle
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Book Santé - Isabeau Sas


Only available in Dutch!

Santé by Isabeau Sas: Become a wine connoisseur in 30 days

Wine is the most beautiful product in the world, but certainly not the easiest. That is why Isabeau Sas, a wine geek with a passion for great and affordable wines, wrote Santé, an accessible and informative must-read for every wine lover.

Without any snobbery and in simple terms, this book transforms you from a wine layperson to a wine geek in 30 days.

In this book

Isabeau answers all your questions and gives you the key tips and tricks that will make you the go-to wine expert among your friends.

Besides the necessary basics, including the different wine types and characteristics, you will also read what to look out for when buying wine and how best to store it.

You don't really need to know anything about wine to enjoy it (responsibly). Yet that little extra confidence and knowledge of wine will ensure that you will no longer be at a loss for words when it comes to wine.