PET-NAT - St.Laurent Rosé freeshipping - Our Daily Bottle
PET-NAT - St.Laurent Rosé freeshipping - Our Daily Bottle
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Pet-Nat St. Laurent Rosé 🇦🇹

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Pet-Nat - St. Laurent Rosé - Natural wine

100% Sankt Laurent. St.Laurent is a blue grape that is genetically very close to Pinot-Noir, producing tight and refined aromatic wine. This Pet-Nat rosé is a treat for the wine lover who is looking for a different view on bubbles. This natural wine is tight and impressive in attack. Refreshing aromas of raspberry, gooseberry, red currant bound with intriguing fresh acidity.

A "Pet-Nat" (Pétillant-Naturel) is a minimalist wine in which no yeast cells and sugar are added to obtain a second fermentation. The wine is bottled before the first fermentation is completed and remaining live yeasts further convert remaining sugars into carbon dioxide. A Pet-Nat is filled unfiltered to take as much residual living material as possible in the dregs into the bottle. Therefore, this type of wine will almost always be cloudy unless you store the bottle upright for a long time and pour it out very carefully so that you literally "pour clear wine".

Pouring a Pet-Nat has instructions for use! Place your bottle upright in the refrigerator for 48 hours (the sediment may settle). Move the bottle as little as possible to pour the clearest possible wine (the dregs have a different taste compared to the clear wine).


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