What is a wine subscription or a wine box? 
A wine subscription is a monthly delivery of two wines, one red, one white for you to try out at home.
If you like the wines, you are able to reorder them at exclusive member-pricing. All wines are delivered to your doorstep or can be picked up from your preferred Kariboo pick-up point. 

We have two formulas: 
The ‘Our Daily Bottle’ formula at 24.99 pm (all shipping included)
The ‘Coup de Coeur’ formula at 34.99 pm (all shipping included)  

Can I customise my order? (eg. no reds, two whites, only french wine, etc.) 
For now, this feature is unfortunately not available. We adjust our wines to the seasons. For example, you won’t receive spicy Malbec in the middle of summer, but more light and fresh reds. We start bringing you the refreshing and zingy whites from spring and slowly change over to the richer whites . You might discover, when drinking in the right season following our suggested food pairings you are a more versatile drinker than you originally thought;) 

How to give a subscription as a gift? 
When you choose to gift one of the subscriptions, you’re obviously the best, it must be said. The beneficiary will receive a gift card with a code. Upon activation of the code the beneficiary chooses the delivery address and method. To order the Gift Card, all you have to do is choose the option “gift”.   

  1. Choose the formula Our Daily Bottle or Coup de Coeur
  2. Choose the delivery method of the gift card (e-mail or regular mail)
  3. Choose the subscription duration (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months)    

Once you have made your selection you can also choose to print your gift voucher (you will receive a PDF via e-mail) have it sent by regular mail to your address of choice (you can have it sent to the beneficiary’s address) or we can send the beneficiary an e-mail with the gift. 

If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us on

Can I trace my subscription? 
Yes! Tracking is available through our website. 

What are the different types of subscription? 
You can choose between a flexible or a fixed yearly subscription. The benefit of the fixed yearly subscription is that we reward your determination with a discount. You can opt out at any point of the flexible yearly subscription, which is not possible when you choose the fixed subscription with discount. 

What is the difference between the Our Daily Bottle formula and the Coup de Coeur formula? 
The Our Daily Bottle formula contains wines that are a perfect accompaniment to any meal or any occasion (a picnic, a Tuesday dinner or a Friday night among friends). Each of these wines were chosen because they completely over deliver on quality and price point. 

The Coup de Coeur formulacontains wines that blew us away at first whiff. They are exquisite wines for a special bottle Sunday or a dinner party. They show complexity and elegance and will take your breath away. 

Who selects the wines? 
The wines are hand-picked by the Our Daily Bottle founders. They have selected the wines on a couple of important criteria: top quality, small production, sustainable agriculture. We presented the selected wines to a tasting panel consisting of both wine geeks and wine neophytes and should speak to a wide array of palates. 

 I want to cancel my subscription. Is this possible? 
We will cry, not going to lie, but we understand if you decide it’s not your thing. You can opt out at any point if you’re on the flexible month-to-month subscription, you should just inform us before the 25th of the month preceding the next delivery. 

So, for instance. If you decide September 10th that in the end you do prefer water over wine and you don’t want to receive your box in October anymore, you should tell us before September 25th. We’ll cancel the shipping and won’t debit your bank account anymore. 

What happens when I am on holiday?
No worries. Just send us a little mail to let us know and we’ll send your box a bit earlier or later. Btw, don’t forget that if you choose delivery in a Kariboo pick-up point, you have two weeks’ time to go get your wines. Very convenient! 

Where do I find information about the wines I received?
You’ll be able every month to find information about the wines in our blog posts. However, if more questions remain we will gladly help you out! 

Can I re-order the wines I received? 
Duh! If you like the discovery wines, you have about 4 to 6 weeks to order the ones you liked in a flash sale. What’s more! As a member you get special prices! You can only order them in a case of 6 (that’s how we can offer you the best price per bottle) or any multiple of 6, of course.

After a while, the most popular wines will become available in a permanent section. You pay a small deposit if you want an extra case and as soon as we have 25 interested customers we have another palette of wine come down to Belgium. 

My box was damaged, what now?
Send us a picture and contact us via e-mail. We will get in touch with you ASAP and find a solution. 

I want to send my box back.
Normally, this isn’t possible. But please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. 

I did not receive my box.
We would have to look into that immediately. Send us an e-mail and we will not rest until we find your wine. 

Do you gift-wrap the wine box?
Our gift-wrapping skills are terrible, but you can order the gift card as an alternative. 

We love to hear from you. If your question wasn’t answered or you just want to share a story or talk about the weather. Please let us know and do engage with us on social media! 

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