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Travelling is amazing. But what about travelling and discovering new wines in the same place?
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La Champagne, France

The Champagne Ardennes region is located in the North East of France. This famous French region is above all known worldwide for the sparkling wine of the same name.

Let's discover what this region has to offer in a list of 4 must-sees.

Beautiful view of the Douro

It is time for some bubbles. 

Sky picture Douro
Sky picture Douro

N°1 Visit Epernay

And drink champagne there

Epernay is THE PLACE TO BE if you are looking for everything that is Champagne-related.
Its famous Avenue de Champagne is named after the many historic houses that are located there, which makes it the richest avenue in the world (not to mention that the very air on this avenue breathes chic). 

N°2 Visit a
champagne house & cellar

And taste (drink) champagne there

The 110km of cellars of Epernay are filled with bottles. Take a tour among one of the famous historical houses to learn more about Champagne. Also, you can better buy Champagne from smaller producers (cheaper and often tastier).
Trust us

Douro view with wineDouro view with wine
Douro view with wine

N°3 And actually taste champagne
(Never too much champagne)

And OF COURSE taste and appreciate the subtle differences between the Champagnes.Colour, bubbles, aromas, intensity, acidity, notes, finish...

You did not came all the way to drink water, did you ? 

Boat image Douro

N°4 Visit the Beautiful Reims:
capital of champagne & art de vivre 

Probably you can find some champagne there

Reims is also a city of Art and History which offers a very pleasant quality of life.
The city is known for its white chalk buildings, known as crayères, and also for its wonderful and massive 13th century cathedral, ranked among UNESCO monuments. 

City Tour in Vila RealCity Tour in Vila Real

Not forgetting 
Mr. Dom Pérignon

The monk Dom Pérignon is known today as the inventor of champagne, or at least its method of production : the méthode champenoise. His statue is visible in Epernay, in front of the Moët & Chandon champagne house. He gave his name to one of the most prestigious champagne house, the Dom Pérignon. 

City Tour in Vila Real
City Tour in Vila RealCity Tour in Vila RealCity Tour in Vila RealCity Tour in Vila Real

Champagne (region) and champagne (drink), à bientôt.