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You really don't have to follow an intensive course for months to better understand wine and food pairing!

With the right knowledge and a good base to build upon, you can become more confident in your food and wine pairings. This course will help you understand the science behind food and wine pairing to help your customer experience improve.

Understanding the science

Isabeau sas

Will teach you the starting grounds for food and wine pairng

When I started with wine 15 years ago, I did a top wine course of 1 intensive day in Cape Town at the Cape Wine Academy. In a few lectures and practical trial with a tasty lunch in between, I had the basics that I started building on each time. These basics provided me with enough knowledge to grow in the wine industry and now I want to provide you with the same base. 

"Meanwhile, I have been working in the wine industry for  over 15 years, making my own wine in South Africa, and started Our Daily Bottle seven years ago and recently released a book."

Let's build the base

What can you expect inside of the course?

The ultimate food and wine pairing course

8 high quality video modules presented by the founder off Our Daily Bottle, Isabeau Sas. 

Quizzes to test your knowledge 

Examples of some fantastic pairings


Interesting and engaging content

What will you learn?

The science behind food and wine pairings 

The history behind food and wine pairings

Some fantastic examples of age-old, but also new pairings

In depth look at pairing wine with meat, fish and cheese.

teach me!

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Which bottle to pick with your kitchen creations? Much like cooking wine involves creativity AND science. In this course, you'll learn why steak needs tannins and why white wine is better with cheese than red. Most wine courses only briefly touch the art of food and wine pairing, even though that's exactly the topic people want to know about most. 

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