Baba Yetu Mix
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Baba Yetu Mix


With this box you get a Baba Yetu party 🥳

✔ 2 bottles of Baba Yetu Red
A potpourri of ripe red fruits marries a peppery savoriness on the nose. It’s the kind of wine that beckons you for an everyday rendezvous—bright acidity waltzing with mellow yet assertive tannins.

✔ 2 bottles of Baba Yetu White
A symphony of lemon meringue and passion fruit pirouetting on the nose, framed by a palate that's as fruity as it is medium-bodied. A slight tartness cuts through the creamy texture, resulting in a wine that’s both fresh and luscious.

✔ 2 bottles of Baba Yetu Rosé
A pronounced bouquet of watermelon, raspberry coulis, and a zesty hint of Sezchuan pepper. A dry palate marked by medium acidity carries an armful of red berry flavors, culminating in a crisp citrus tail.