Single Vineyard range
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Single Vineyard range


Indulge in the perfect pairing with the Single Vineyard range. Each set includes:

✔ 2 bottles of cabernet sauvignon
Inviting aromas of dark forest fruits, cassis, blueberries and a touch of mint on the nose. The palate has a firm structure, but the tannins are ripe and give excellent support to the fruit spectrum. Bright fruit, with subtle wood spice, good freshness and balance.

✔ 2 bottles of Impisi
A symphony of lemon meringue and passion fruit pirouetting on the nose, framed by a palate that's as fruity as it is medium-bodied. A slight tartness cuts through the creamy texture, resulting in a wine that’s both fresh and luscious.

✔ 2 bottles of shiraz
A bouquet of blackcurrant, raspberry and a sniff of oregano and tomato plant on the nose. Ripe fruit with fine-grained tannins. A juicy mid-palate of cocoa and cherry. There's a savoury smokiness which rounds off a lengthy finish.