Discovery box Greece
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Discovery box Greece


Love the idea of a wine subscription, but not sure which one to choose?

Try our Discovery Box Greece and get the best of both worlds! Every month, you'll receive a box full of the wines from the subscription, making it easy to discover which one suits you best 🥂 Plus, you'll get a free wine magazine with it!

What do you get in this box:

🍷 1 bottle of At Sea - 100% roditis

🍷 1 bottle Lion - 100% agiorgitiko

🍷 1 bottle Windmill - 100% malagouzia

🍷 1 bottle Eclipse - 100% merlot

🥂 Wine magazine Greece


1. Select the Discovery Box Greece and sign up.

2. Receive the box with 4 bottles of wine and a free wine magazine every month.

3. Enjoy the wines and learn more about them with the magazine.


Q: How many bottles of wine are in the box?

A: The Discovery Box Greece contains 4 bottles of wine.

Q: Does it come with a wine magazine?

A: Yes, there is a free wine magazine in the box.