Edizione Bianco 🇮🇹 (6btls)
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Edizione Bianco 🇮🇹 (6btls)


An exotic adventure in a glass. This white wine presents a complex bouquet with captivating notes of mango, papaya, lime and red grapefruit, perfectly combined with the scents of herbs such as lemongrass, lemon balm, mint and green tea. A white wine with a long persistence, rich in nuances and layers. Ideal served with starters, especially ham and cheese, delicate creams and soups, crustacean crudités and with all types of fish dishes.


An exotic adventure in a distant. The vin blanc presents a bouquet complex with the notes captivantes de mangue, the papaye, the citron vert and the pamplemousse rouge, combined with the aromas of the herbs que la citronnelle, la mélisse, la menthe et le thé vert. A vin blanc à la longue persistence, rich and nuances et en couches. Ideal service with the entrées, and particular jambon and fromage, the creams and soups of delicates, the crudités of the fruits and the types of the potatoes.