Giannikos Lion Agiorgitiko 2019 🇬🇷(6btls)
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Giannikos Lion Agiorgitiko 2019 🇬🇷(6btls)


A Greek legend in a bottle. This full-bodied red wine, nicknamed 'The Blood of Hercules' because of its dark, almost opaque color, pays tribute to the myth that Hercules defeated the Nemean lion and his blood colored the vines. The wine develops a nose of brilliant fruit, with notes of dark chocolate and a slightly smoky character. Blackcurrant stands out on the palette in a sweet and refreshing atmosphere. Fine tannins and a fresh but complex length make this an excellent wine


Une legende grecque en bouteille. The vin rouge corsé, surnommé 'Le Sang d'Hercule' and reason for the couleur sombre and presque opaque, pays tribute to the myth of the Hercule a vaincu le lion de Némée et son sang a teinté les vignes. The development of the fruit brillants, the notes of the chocolate noir and the characteristic fumé. En bouche, the cassis is distinctive in its atmosphere and freshness. The fins are fine and the long freshness is complex and the font is vin exquis.